NGC 5194 (M51) CVn

2000-06-20 02:06:46UT

This is a my first attempt at color image. It is a combination of a Red, Green, and a Blue image. Each of these images is a combination of 3 images, each of 480 seconds The images were taken with a Pictor 1616 with a Pictor 616 filter wheel attached to an Meade 10" F/6.3 telescope. A Pictor 201XT was attached to an ETX for guiding. Meade Red, Green, and Blue filters were used. No attempt was made to correct for different sensitivites in the three bands.

Each of the images was corrected with a dark frame and a flat field. The same flat field was used for each of the color channels. After combining the images in each channel, they were median filtered before making the RGB image. This image is binned, an unbinned version is available.

Click here for the full resolution image