NGC 3190 Leo

1999-04-08 00:38:14UT

This is a combination of 5 images, each of 480 seconds The images were taken with a Pictor 1616 attached to an LX200 10" F/4 telescope (F/6.3 with a 6.3 focal reducer). A Pictor 201XT was attached to an ETX for guiding. Each of the images was corrected with a dark frame and a flat field. After combining, the image was logarithmically stretched. The image was binned after processing to produce this image. Easily visible in the image are NGC 3185, NGC 3187, NGC 3190, and NGC 3193. Also visible as a small smudge is LEDA 86788. Unlike most of my images, north is to the left in this image.

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