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The Pinwheel Galaxy in Triangulum, 2017-09-29

A Globular cluster, 2017-08-14

A Globulare cluster in Pegasus, 2016-11-19

Iris Nebula, 2016-08-12

The Swan Nebula also known as the Omega Nebula, 2016-08-12

The Great Hercules Cluster, 2016-08-10

The Dumbbell Nebula, 2016-07-04

Galaxy pair in Canes Venatici, 2016-04-28

The Pinwheel galaxy in Ursa Major, 2016-03-27

Hubble's variable nebula, 2016-03-07

Nebulousity in Monoceros including the cone nebula at the bottom center., 2016-03-02

The center part of the Great Orion Nebula, 2016-03-01


An irregluar galaxy in Ursa Major, 2016-01-27

Bode's Nebula in Ursa Major, 2016-01-06

Last updated: March 12, 2018